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Wednesday, 18 January 2012 01:34

Xinyang Decoration Material City Guangzhou

Products: building materials, decorative home furnishing

Guangdong Decoration Material City in the Xinyang decoration materials professional Gold Forum - Huangpu Road, and adjacent to B & Q he, strategic location, transportation is very convenient, and the odd and even days from trucks into the city limits. Sheep Guangdong Decoration Material City area 23,000 square meters, total construction area of ​​over 8900 square meters, is by planning, business, formal approval of the fire departments, with complete legal formalities of a large mall. Sheep Guangdong Decoration Material City is a decorative material wholesale sales, collection of information release, new product Expo, decorative design, storage and transportation in one, by virtue of their grand scale, reasonable layout, standardized management and improve the supporting base etc., and become a large scale Guangzhou Tianhe district, the most into the system, highly decorative materials business city. Sheep Guangdong Decoration Material City opened the necessary licenses to provide services to co-operate, for each step of opening the business to provide comprehensive services; from time to time open unified distinctive decorative material supplier, publicity and promote products to help businesses operate. New sheep and decoration materials in Guangdong City, Guangdong Province, is jointly organized by Association of decorative materials, from time to time publish the latest industry trends and showcase their latest products. Merchants on the occasion, there are many well-known brands of home agents to join, will make the business opportunities multiply, popular even more vigorously! Sheep Guangdong Decoration Material City is an ending of decorative materials trade fair, lets you easily into the city! Real profit!

Wednesday, 18 January 2012 01:29

Qianjin Decoration Materials Market Guangzhou

Products: hardware and building materials, plastics, home furnishing decoration

Guangzhou, Hong Kong has historically been an important trading port, which directly affect the economic development of southern China. Huangpu Road, Guangzhou city is connected with the main trunk of the Huangpu Development Zone, is an important channel for the flow of goods, the Pan-Pearl River Delta is an economic lifeline.

As the saying goes: road leads through fiscal

Huangpu Avenue in its own shops, no doubt reap business opportunities. But the "street shop", after all, can not meet the long-term development plan of Guangzhou City, the need, for advance decoration materials market came into being.

Decorative materials in the forward market forward, No. 828 Huangpu Road East, Stony Brook village. The location is excellent, east Guangdong fish bead international timber market, according to AEC Motor City West, North to the Lake Gardens real estate development group of Merrill Lynch, south beautiful Pearl River. Guangdong is located in the heart of the logistics, the logistics of the environment is very broad, with a strong business value and growth potential.

Forward decorative materials market has a large, two hundred small shops, the area of ​​about 40,000 square meters; store 8 to 13 meters before the road spacious, 24-hour security for all types of large-scale storage, sales, integrated business management action; other markets also offers dozens of dormitory housing units, commercial and residential purposes in collaboration with various businesses can be said: forward presence decoration materials market shops is the same as having unlimited business opportunities!

Wednesday, 18 January 2012 01:23

South & North Decoration Market Guangzhou

Products: building materials, decorative home furnishing

South decoration materials market in Guangzhou in Guangzhou City, the largest distribution center south of decorative materials business road adjacent to the north and south fruit market, and Guangdong, Guangzhou, Guangzhou, South China and other major markets even as a decoration materials, decorative materials go into the city, to take the opportunities . Decorative material market north and south through the wide clear road North, South Railway Station, Guangzhou-Foshan highway west, east, Zhongshan eight radiation center.

South decoration materials market, covering about 10,000 square meters, equipped with more than one hundred of shops, divided into A, B, C areas. Separate meter for each shop, shop shutter configuration. Adorned with complete automatic fire sprinkler and fire alarm systems and alarm monitoring system, there is a one-way road and car parking, easy access to parking and loading and unloading cargo. Market to provide security services, sanitation cleaning services; floor not operating inflammable and explosive materials, suitable for business franchise architectural ceramics, sanitary ware, stainless steel decorative materials, etc., really giving benefits to businesses.

Decorative material market north and south by the Guangzhou City Industry and Commerce Administration registration certificate issued by the market, complete formalities. Market the property by the planning department approved the construction of permanent buildings, is owned property, non-temporary nature of the simple construction and leasing of properties comparable with long-term operation assurance.

The most affordable rental market stalls, management practices. Market manager - property leasing office will further improve the management, providing customers with quality service, and entering the business customers to create prosperity.

Products: home furnishing, decoration

Bo Huang International Furniture Expo Center, located in Guangzhou, the most promising commercial Area - Fangcun, Shenzhen's most influential furniture chain - Bo Wong Home Group-owned building. Bo Wong Home Group was established in Shenzhen in 1988, so far, pick up large furniture stores in the land management experience. Bo has the biggest in Shenzhen Fu Yong King International Furniture Exhibition Center, Shenzhen, China Shun furniture wholesale center, Bo Huang Dongguan Furniture Exhibition Center Real Madrid, Bo Huang Zhangmutou furniture wholesale center and dozens of major home stores. Bo Wong Group, tens of thousands of joint home priced at one to one direct marketing brands, customer brand furniture dream of success. Bo Huang International Furniture Expo International Exhibition Center with a modern steel building model, the overall design elegance elegant, imposing, modern flavor concentration, is the largest in southern China, designed the most perfect and most unique modern furniture wholesale center display . Bo Huang International Furniture Exhibition Center covers an area of 10 thousand square meters, divided into A Hall, B Hall, modern office furniture exhibition of three parts. Management styles of the latest international quality furniture, office furniture and modern furniture brand in Hong Kong, Taiwan and other high-end furniture brand furniture. Hall will all artistic, modern, real-uniform distribution of the image, allow customers to linger in this, feel the new generation of furniture, a new image of the professional market, as furniture, art exhibition center, fully reflect the style of the international furniture market.

Business: the latest international styles of fine furniture.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012 09:34

Mangrove Bay Furniture Expo Center Guangzhou

Products: home furnishing, decoration

Furniture Expo Center Mangrove Bay Mangrove Bay in Guangdong Furniture Exhibition Co., Ltd. developed the strength, Furniture Trade Fair is a showcase and brand promotion as one of the major brand furniture sales center. Mangrove Bay, adhering to the "brand names, premium affordable" development ideas, quality service to the concept of constantly striving for perfection, pushing song "quality assurance, money back guarantee, professional guarantee, credit guarantee, to ensure the green, low-cost commitment" 6 100 % marketing purposes, mangrove Bay Road to create another precedent for the furniture industry.

Mangrove Bay in based in Guangdong, the country, has opened a shop in Hoi Chu Xiaogang, welcome flowers shop, shop welcome Panyu, Zhaoqing Duanzhou shop, shop Wan Kang, Fukunaga Fubon shop, Luohu Sungang shop, Buji Dan bamboo first store eight super chain stores, with nearly 50 million square meters of large scale enterprise groups, furniture, building materials, mangrove Bay, a huge development has attracted significant community interest, and known as "the furniture industry McDonald's. "

Mangrove Bay's vibrant, high-spirited. Mangrove Bay, who governed with the times. Mangrove Bay, looking forward, trying, with full of passion and innovative spirit, create brilliant performance, create brand foundation.

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