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Monday, 06 February 2012 12:06

1920 Restaurant & Bar

" If there was a special friend to please, if have important anniversary live, if have the rare mood to live here", is a" good" choice. Environment" good mood", a window seat" River King" can see. " A lot of foreigners", a few have "European feel". Eat is " authentic"" German flavor"," signs" and" pork sausage platter with have a well-deserved reputation"," must try". German black beer taste"," cool" is a choice". Value of such shops, it was" acceptable".

Monday, 06 February 2012 11:54

Jardin d'olive

It is said that the couple of the boss, "the French studies and return, so the taste" authentic ". Fresh Italian pizza a the end of "thin", but the Department is very savory; food from the red wine braised smoked duck breast taste "I will be strong", "You Wu will feel good tired". The environment is also quite good, the red brick decorated facades, small garden, surrounded by a railing "good and generous feeling of the" Pastoral ".

Monday, 06 February 2012 10:51


A luxurious dining and leisure experience at a unique location. Offering high quality contemporary Western cuisine and serving the best cocktails in Guangzhou.

Wilber’s has been serving Guangzhou’s local expatriate and business crowd for years in an exquisite atmosphere of an original 1930’s colonial styled mansion.

White small Western-style "cozy" interior decoration, soft but not dim light gently floating "jazz music", yet to dine, first felt the pursuit of the "refinement" of the host family. Western cuisine "not rich" but "drop-foot effort, said that the menus every three months a major shake-up", no wonder that regular customers often call the "surprise". Produced Italian food is very authentic, "did not intentionally cater to" local tastes. Although the price a little high ", but the people to bring the beloved" romantic "feel" value ".

Monday, 06 February 2012 10:34

Wang Steak(Tianhe Branch)

Since its founding in 1993, Wang Steak has become Taiwan’s best-known high-end steakhouse chain.  Only 6 parts of a cow can be used for Wang Steak’s “Wang Steak”, named in honor of Taiwan’s legendary plastics magnate Wang Yung-ching. Persistent in our strict definition of gourmet dining, we select only the best—the 6th to 8th pairs of ribs. The beef is cooked at 250℃ for one and a half hours to realize optimal tenderness and taste.

Wang Steak is very particular about taste, and values the customer’s overall dining experience. Every five years, we undertake a major redecoration, combining urban sophistication with culture to provide an elegant, warm and comfortable dining ambiance.
Italian RAK tableware, with its simple, solid and refined design, is the perfect complement to our cuisine, both in terms of taste and value.

Wang Steak conveys the brand spirit of “Treat customers like they’re the most important people in your life.” We provide customized, respectful and considerate service, and have been rated “No.1” by a variety of Taiwan’s industries and leading magazines.

2008    Award of Excellence, “Taiwan Gourmet Restaurant Awards”, Ministry of Economic Affairs, ROC
2008  First place, chain restaurant service category (& highest overall service rating among ten industries surveyed), Global Views Monthly Magazine
2005  Outstanding Service Award, CommonWealth Magazine
2004  First place, chain restaurant service survey, Global Views Monthly Magazine

Monday, 06 February 2012 09:15

Alsace Village

Restaurant Atmosphere:
Couple dating, friends, dinner

Credit card, wireless Internet access

The newly opened French restaurant, with a rich French culture, so that the guests in the restaurant to enjoy a wide range of authentic French cuisine, as well as the unique countryside meal type, plus a high-quality service, so thatguests have a feeling of home!

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